NATHAN SING is a freelance journalist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. His passion for writing began at a young age, becoming an outlet of expression for his teenage years. He started "Life Through Nathan's Eyes," not knowing the praise and acclaim he would receive, or the decisions he would inspire. Over time, his blog turned from a public diary read by families and friends, to one read by thousands around the globe; with that success came an amount of pressure to write better, get more shares and more views. Over time, Nathan felt he was no longer writing for himself, but for others.

Nathan took multiple breaks from blogging, spending his time expanding his horizon and venturing into the world of print and radio journalism. In a span of a year, Nathan wrote multiple articles for Discorder Magazine and an article for Vancity Buzz, which was one of the most viewed stories of the day. He also covered multiple events for CiTR Radio including the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, co-hosted shows and conducted interviews.

Full with inspiration and optimism, Nathan returned to Life Through Nathan's Eyes in 2015.

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  1. ooooh so professional. ahaha nate ur getting FAMOUS