Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sorry Isn't The Answer, Love Is

The last few days have been filled with disappointment and betrayal. Good can come out of anything, but so can bad. It's amazing how some people can go around knowing they did something wrong, but still they wake up every morning and put on their mask, and they show that nothing is wrong.

 In science class a couple weeks ago, my friend was caught texting on her phone. My science teacher came up to her and said, "Put that away, don't let me see that again or I'll have to take that away." She was embarrassed, and when my science teacher came around to give us our lab sheets, my friend apologized and said that she was so sorry and it will never happen again. "If you were really sorry, you wouldn't have done it." my science teacher replied, and walked away back to her desk. What I am trying to say is that do we really mean it when we say "sorry"? I feel like we over-use that word. Have we over-used it so much that it is just an instinct for when we do something wrong or not correct we use "sorry" to cover it up? Saying sorry can come out of many things. It could be to your mom after you failed your math test. Or it could be for your boyfriend for kissing Ian in the 12th grade. I'm not saying that saying sorry doesn't mean anything at all, I just think that we have gone to the point where a huge chunk of us just say it for no reason.

For example, you know in movies how people say "YOUR NOT SORRY ENOUGH" or "GIVE ME A REAL APOLOGY!", why is that? The answer is: sometimes, nothing can change what you did. Sometimes, your problem is so bad, it leaves everybody in a bad place and there is nothing you can say or do to make it better. Apologizing  won't conceal the pain you are hiding and others are feeling, but just creates a more difficult situation then before. It still won't erase the fact that you affected people emotionally or physically. Secretly, people are dying inside from all the hatred, anger and sadness you put them through. Sometimes, you need time to heal, sometimes you never will heal. Sometimes the problem is so bad, you wish you could just wake up from this nightmare and leave all your regrets and problems in it. Unfortunately, you can't do that because its life - and life SUCKS.

Things happen, and you can't control them. Nothing is perfect. Sometimes life gets so good, that one thing crushes it like your feet stomping on a pop can. You just have to look on the bright side and stay near your loved ones. Always keep on holding on, and you will make it through. 

xx Nathan


  1. So raw and truthful.

  2. im going through a tough time too, hun. i totally know where youre coming from. thank you for this, you dont know how much its helped me.

  3. this is so true and down to earth and so real. You are so strong <3


  4. True that the word "sorry" is cliche. After what I've probably done and what has been done to me, I should be overflowing with regret. But I'm not. Because I have found a purpose, Mr. Sing. And I feel that you need to as well.

    "Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn."