Sunday, June 3, 2012

You Can Count On Her

Everybody at some moment in time, no matter how long or short, has a person that they can share everything with. That special someone that you can be silly with, and someone who can cope with your "craziness". For some people it is a parent, for some it is a cousin, everybody is different. For me, that person is my best friend Maddie.

I've known Maddie ever since I first started elementary school. We were in the same classes up to Grade 7 together, and continue to go to the same high school. Sure, we've had our ups and downs, but we always come back to each other in a matter of  a couple of days. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, and just want to scream and yell, I call Maddie. She always talks me though it, gives me advice and always finds a way to cheer me up. I also return the favour for listening to hours of her stressing about "girl issues". A best friend has to do what he has to do. 

So, like I said in the last paragraph, Maddie and I were assigned to the class every single year all the way up to Grade 7. I think in the earlier grades, when we found out we were in the same class yet again, in my mind I was thinking, "YES!!!" and Maddie was thinking, "Oh, not him again..." That just proves that things change over time. Everything happens for a reason, and Maddie and I were meant to be best friends. 

The funny thing is, Maddie hated me the first time we met each other...and the years to come as well. I was always nice to her and never did anything to harm or hurt her. I was one of those kids who couldn't hurt a fly. Regardless if I was nice to her or not, she just didn't like me. I had the hugest crush on her up to around Grade 5, and we are both pretty sure that's what caused most of the conflict. Just thinking of young Maddie makes me giggle a little but. She always found a way to be mean to me. FOR EXAMPLE: stealing my shoes while on top of the monkey bars, stealing my book over summer holiday, and the list goes on and on. Long story short, she was evil. But in around Grade 3, things started to change. We started to get to know each other better. We talked to each other everyday and ate lunch next or across from one another whenever we could. She occasionally came over to my house where I cooked her pasta, and talked to her about whatever was on her or my mind. At that point, we were the best pair of friends that anybody could have. 

...and that leaves us to the present. Maddie continues to be my only best friend regardless of all of all we have been through, negative or positive. Sometimes one of us really pisses one of us off, but I can't stay mad at her for long period of time. She always knows how to push her way back to the good side of my brain. 

Whats going to happen in the future for Maddie and I? We will continue to be the best of friends every day of every minute of every second. How do I know that? Sometimes you just get this feeling in your gut, and you just have to go with it. I think of Maddie's family as my own, as she does of mine. I know I can tell her anything and talk to her any hour of the day no matter how late it is, (well..our parents might have something to say about that), but you get what I mean.

No matter what happens, she will always hold a huge place in my heart. There is nobody that can replace her. She is one of the most beautiful, kind, happy human beings that will walk this Earth. She isn't afraid to be herself, and she is proud of who she is. She can brighten up a room in the blink of an eye, and is one of the most likeable people you will ever meet. I can't thank her enough for all the hours she has sat there listening to me go on about my problems and such. No matter how boring, or how tough the problem, she will always help me through it. She has the biggest heart a person can have, and she will  be my best friend for as long as we both shall live.

Maddie, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I love you. Anybody  or anything will never pull us apart. I love you, forever and for always.

xx Nathan


  1. Your friendship is inspiring to other people. I think this is beautiful, something worth holding on to. It is very heartfelt, I am amazed at the effort put into this. Never let go of each other, be true to one another forever and always. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    peace :*

  2. Woah Nathan that was so good I can't believe you write so well! You will become an author some day! Trust me.

  3. I have really enjoyed your blog, Nathan! I am from the UK and I have shared it with all my friends! I will keep reading and I hope the best for you! You have a very bright future!

  4. hi natan~ i really like blog~!!! i from china and luv it -------- good luckkk xo ^_^

  5. this is AMAZING!!! i wish i had a bff like that .. u look so cute together!

  6. I wish I had a friend like this... SO JEALOUSSS.

  7. I love you my Carol <3 you are amazing. I'm so hounoured to be your best friend. This made me cry so hard, and you will always have a place in my heart <3


  8. Ah, reminds me of the first time I met the two of you as well. So sad that I probably cannot see the two of you again. It was heartbreaking the day I left, which I why I must apologize to you, Mr. Sing, for leaving in such an abrupt manner, but I couldn't face you. Now that I have gone, the only way I could possibly know you again is through these displayed digits of 1s and 0s. I was your best friend. I hope we still are.

    "Jack fell down and broke his crown..."