Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I'm writing this from the bus on my way home from work. I'm waiting for the bus and wondering why nobody ever talks at bus stops..including myself. There are about 20 of us and none of us have spoke a word. This makes me wonder why in this day and age the stigma is that you don't talk to strangers on public transit.

If there is one thing I know about myself, it's that I can't shut up. I love to talk. I like to talk to everybody, everywhere. Although, when it comes to little things like sitting on the bus or at a cafe, I feel out of place when I try to talk to people. It mainly might be because I feel like I'm bothering them and that they just want to be alone. By their body language; ear buds in, eyes deep in a book; they are in their own little world not wanting anybody to bother them.

But that made me wonder if everybody thinks that. What if everybody (or most people) wants to talk to the person sitting next to them on a bus, but is fearful of being a bother?

Another thing I think about when I'm contemplating talking to someone is that they'll think I'm hitting on them. Yeah, I've seen plenty of attractive people on public transit. We all have. But 99% of the people I think of talking to I'm not attracted to. I simply just want to make light conversation on this 20 minute bus ride instead of being in my own world of listening to the sultry anthems, alternative rock and the occasional nostalgic hit. But what if me starting a conversation gives the wrong impression? What if they think I'm weird? All of these questions consume my mind until the person gets up and exits the bus.

So here I am. Sitting on a bus. Next to a shy-looking man, a college student and an educated woman reading a book. All good people I'm sure; but I'm not going to talk to any of them because of the off chance that they take it the wrong way. And as I get off the bus and walk home, I'll regret not sparking a conversation with any of them. That person could have potentially been somebody important, or had an incredible story to share that would make me rethink my life. Maybe that grumpy-guy-next-to-you's wife just passed away and needed somebody to talk to. All of these questions will go unanswered unless you break through the awkward barrier of talking to a complete stranger, make the effort, and talk to them.


So I did it. I talked to somebody on the bus. Was it the most marvelous conversation I've ever had? Definitely not. But I got to know somebody that I would of just ignored and went on with my day. I got to know another person in my life.

And who knows, maybe one day I will meet somebody on the bus who I actually become friends with. Maybe I'll meet my true love. I guess you never know unless you try.

xx Nathan


  1. Very brave of you to do so, but the lack of communication may be related to the fact that everyone on the bus would rather remain strangers. You meet some really interested people on buses, and that can be good...or bad. Still, I applaud your efforts. Good job.

  2. Brilliant. This spoke to me.

  3. So inspiring, I loved it!